Planning your dream wedding in Wilmington, North Carolina? You're in for a treat! As your wedding planner, I'm here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

Here's an overview our guide

  1. Prioritize your Wedding Budget
  2. What's the Average Wedding Budget in Wilmington?
  3. Creating Your Moodboard
  4. Average Cost of Wedding Venues
  5. Wedding Venues $5000+ at Peak Season
  6. Wedding Venues Under $5000+ at Peak Season
  7. Wedding Photography in Wilmington
  8. How to Hire a Wedding Caterer?

Let's GO!

Prioritize your Wedding Budget

First things first, determine your overall budget for the wedding. Decide which aspects are most important to you and your partner, whether it's photography, venue, catering, etc.

Average Wedding Budget in Wilmington

Sure, we can look at the national average of weddings in the US which is $40,000. Whats the Average wedding budget in Wilmington?

According to WeddingReport the average cost to get married in Wilmington is $28,000 - $35,000

Once you have an idea of what your wedding budget is, you can start drawing up your moodboard.

Creating your Moodboard

Start by envisioning your dream wedding. Do you want a garden wedding to be at Wrightsville Manor? a beach front wedding at Blockade Runner, maybe at a Merrell Estate & Garden with trimmed yard and palm trees? A Luxury Downtown Wedding in Wilmington at The Elia?

When you have an idea, screenshot them or add them to your Pinterest board.

This will serve as a guide that you can share to your wedding vendors, especially wedding photographers.

Let's take a look at the cost of Wedding Venues as they will serve as a pre-made sandbox.

Average cost of Wedding Venues in Wilmington in 2024

Wilmington Wedding Vendors have their businesses listed on both The Knot and Weddingwire. They also list their starting price for their weddings. Which is where we can get an average cost of their starting price per vendor.


  • Not all pricing are created equally. Some venues add rentals and/or drinks to their packages.
  • Pricing may also vary according to number of guests

Wedding Venues at $5000+(Peak Season)

Wrightsville Manor | 265 Guests | Rentals included | Bar Alcohol Packages





See PDF here for the rest of the pricing here

The Elia | 175 Guests | Rentals included


  • $5250(Fridays)
  • $6250(Saturday)

See PDF Here for rentals

Bakery 105 |

  • $2500.00(Monday-Thursday)
  • $4000.00(Friday)
  • $5500.00(Saturday)
  • $3750.00(Sunday)

See PDF Here

Sycamore Bend

  • $3,000(Monday-Thursday)
  • $7,000(Friday)
  • $9,000(Saturday)
  • $5,500(Sunday)

See website for pricing

Malachai Meadows

  • $2400(Monday-Wednesday)
  • $2600(Thursday)
  • $5500(Friday)
  • $6600(Saturday)
  • $5000(Sunday)

See website for pricing

Merrell Estate Wedding Venue

Fill out a contact form here to get their pricing

  • Main room is called The House
  • Can accommodate 200 people at a ceremony and 175 people for dinner
  • Has a Bridal Suite and a Luxury Groom's Room
  • Has a lawn which can seat 300 people
  • They have a Premium & Luxury Venue Packages.

Brooklyn Arts Center

Fill out a contact form here to get their pricing

  • Can accommodate 250 guests
  • Main room is called The Annex
  • Has a Bridal Suite next door
  • A getting ready room for the groom and groomsmen
  • Has a stage for a band

Wedding Venues in Wilmington Under $5000 during Peak Season

River Walk Landing - Downtown Wedding Venue |

  • $4500(Friday and Sunday)
  • $5000(Saturday)

See website for pricing

128 South - Downtown Wedding Venue | Patio Ceremony & Restaurant Style Dining Room

  • $2000(Monday-Thursday)
  • $3750(Friday)
  • $5000(Saturday)
  • $3000(Sunday)

See PDF Here for rentals

Shell Island - Beach Island Resort

Call 9102568696 for quotes

Here's what we know so far

  1. Saturdays is a popular day. It's also the most expensive. However they're also the most convenient for your guests when deciding whether or not they'll attend your wedding.
  2. Wedding Venues make up a hefty sum of your wedding budget especially during the Wedding Season which starts in Early Spring(March) - Early Winter(December) simply because you have more daylight, more likely going to turn up especially you're avoiding the important holidays, Christmas and New Years(may be Thanksgiving?)
  3. You can definitely save a few thousand by booking your wedding in January-February on Monday-Thursday.

Plan to set aside 15-20% of your wedding budget but no more than 40% on Catering, Rental, and Alcohol according to Vogue.

Let's start assembling your dream team of vendors.

Wedding Photography in Wilmington

The average cost of Wedding Photographers in Wilmington, NC is $3600. I've searched over 30 wedding photographers which you can download here.

Budget Matching

With options ranging from $600 to $7,800, ensure the photographer fits within your wedding budget.

Style Preference

Each photographer has a unique style, from editorial-like imagery with Keerha Visuals to the moody and whimsical tones of Leigh Roberts Photo ($7,000). Review their portfolios to ensure their style resonates with your vision.

Experience and Reviews

Consider photographers with high ratings, such as Pink Penguin Studios(5.0 rating, $3,300).

Included Services

Some photographers offer discounts. Check what's included in their packages, such as engagement shoots, number of hours covered, and additional sessions.

Availability for Your Date

Popular photographers book up quickly, especially during peak wedding season. Confirm their availability early to secure your preferred choice.

Once you've picked out your wedding photographer, the next vendor in line is catering.

How to hire a wedding Catering

Many couples at this point of their wedding planning guide, may have booked their Wedding Venues and Photographers. Which is good because many venues have a preferred caterers who have worked with them in the past, said Mary from Sawmill Catering, Wilmington, NC.

Here's a step-by-step guide on hiring a Wedding Caterer:

  1. Find out what food that you desire for your wedding. We'd recommend something that everyone can eat, with 3-4 different proteins, that way it can accommodate most people.
  2. Plan a visit your caterer for a chance to taste their food before fully committing to them.
  3. Once you book, they'll schedule another date to finalize the number of guests attending your wedding.
  4. They'll arrive and set up your food for your wedding day!

Here's a list of Caterers in Wilmington to download!

This list includes the Catering Company, Phone Number, Style of food, Coordinator, and Website. Enjoy!

The Essential Wedding Vendors in Wilmington


Create stunning floral arrangements, bouquets, and centerpieces to enhance the beauty of your ceremony and reception.


Set the mood with live music, DJs, or bands that reflect your style and keep the party going all night long.


Choose an officiant who will personalize your ceremony and help you exchange vows in a meaningful and memorable way.

Hair Stylists/Makeup Artists

Look and feel your best on your wedding day with professional hair styling and makeup services.

Cake Designers/Bakers

Indulge in a delectable wedding cake or dessert spread that tastes as good as it looks.

Rental Companies

Rent furniture, décor, tents, and other items to create the perfect atmosphere for your ceremony and reception.

Transportation Services

Arrive in style and ensure your guests get to and from your wedding safely with transportation services such as limousines or shuttles.

Stationery Designers/Printers

Announce your wedding in style with custom-designed save-the-dates, invitations, and other stationery.

Entertainment/Lighting Specialists

Enhance the ambiance of your wedding with lighting design and entertainment services such as photo booths or specialty performers.

Wedding Attire Boutiques

Find the perfect wedding gown, suits, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories to complete your bridal party's look.

Accommodation Providers

Secure accommodations for out-of-town guests at hotels, resorts, or vacation rentals near your wedding venue.

Specialty Vendors

Consider additional vendors such as calligraphers, dessert bars, cigar rollers, or pet handlers to add unique touches to your wedding day.

Wilmington Wedding Planner

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A little bit about me:

I'm an outgoing, quirky, and down-to-earth kind of girl who loves the beach and all the colors of the ocean! Originally from Maryland, I grew up around Washington D.C., lived in Los Angeles for a bit, and then moved to Wilmy where I met my laid-back surfing soulmate.


My team and I are LGBTQ+ safe group that strives to make ALL dreams come true.

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